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      1. Oliver Parks & Recreation

        Programs & Online Registration

        Walking, running, yoga, parkour? Your feet and body will be put to the test.

        Pulse Check - Get involved

        Get involved but support one of our many projects or become a volunteer

        Weight Room

        Weight Room information, booking and online consent form n all be found here.

        100x100 Festival

        August 13-22, 2021. 100 years Oliver 1921-2021 | 10,000 years Syilx Okanagan

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        Smoke from wildfires burning in the area is affecting the air quality in Oliver and having an impact on programs and services.? In order to provide some consistency of services when the conditions are really poor, Oliver Parks and Recreation staff will be using the AccuWeather website to determine the daily/hourly levels of air quality for the rest of the summer and when outdoor activities in the pool and parks should be rescheduled or ncelled for the health and safety of staff and patrons https://www.accuweather.com/en/ca/oliver/v0h/air-quality-index/52925.?


        SUMMER 2021

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